The Suzuki Method

  • You can start very young at Suzuki tuition, from the age of three. The younger the better, but for some children four years is a better age. Of course it is very playful, and everything is done in very small steps. Therefore, children often experience a sense of success.
  • The parents are intensively involved. They are present at the lessons and learn the basics of playing the recorder during the first lessons. They are also instructed in how to accompany their child at home in the same loving and positive manner as when learning to speak.
  • All the music is on a CD (or mp3s) that is played every day at home. In this way, the children not only learn the music very well, but they hear from professional musicians how beautiful tones sound on their instrument and, together with musical expression, they also start to imitate them. Just like learning to talk, children play everything by heart during the first few years. Learning to read notes comes later.
  • The basis of the Suzuki method is formed by the individual lessons. In addition, there are regular group lessons and concert days during which the children play together with their peers and play for each other and for the parents.
  • This approach allows pupils to reach a very high level, although that is not the primary goal. The main purpose of the Suzuki method is to enable children to develop in a good, harmonious way.

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New Suzuki Workshop date: April 22-24, 2022

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